Vidéo: At The zoological garden of lubumbashi (Azlu) DRC


Under the leadership of the association of friends of the zoo of lubumbashi (Azlu), Chaired by madam Lydia Forrest, the zoological garden of lubumbashi offers you another way of designing your events in family and program your school activities. It gives you a glimpse of more than 60 different species of animals-such as lions, Tigers, Zebras, chimpanzees, impala and other reptiles and tropical birds, in a beautiful park of 30 hectares of greenery where bloom several varieties of trees And plants. In more than 2 hours of walk profusion and invigorating on trails cobblestones, marked and described on information panels, you will have the pleasure of seeing the animals, right there, in front of you, Evolve Gracefully, climb ease, to burst the Colors of their feathers. Considered today as one of the most beautiful zoos of Africa, this framework generous and idyllic recreation, relaxation and education will allow you to discover the ways of life of animals and their relationship to the environment but also to learn more about the Situation of species and the threat hanging over some of them. Discover this zoo landscape more close thanks to the guided tours nocturnal proposed by our service pedagogical leadership.