Vidéo: The special relationship, at the zoo of Lubumbashi DRC


Isabel, 35 year old chimpanzee has decided that although she had a beautiful cage, new and spacious, she wants to see what is happening with all the other residents of the zoo.

How her friend Ms. José, who runs the restaurant at the zoo, feel and what kind of food she will feed her this time…

Ms. José gave Isabel a banana and Gin Orange drink, which Isabelle loves. They sat and talked, and Ms. José hospitalize Isabelle, until it was time to go back home… Ms. José accompanied Isabel back to her cage to be with her friend Natasha.* Ms. José work’s at the zoo of Lubumbashi almost 2 year. “Each time I went near the cage of chimpanzees, Isabel began making noises…” explained Ms. José.  “I dared to approach slowly, whenever I brought her something to eat. Slowly I start sitting next to her and we started talking … Each one in her own language…” laughs Ms. José”

“I have no prior experience with animals, this is the first time in my life I have such contact with an animal”. “They are like people, they are smart and have emotions. I love being with them. I trust Isabelle and I’m not afraid that she will attack me when we are hugging. Isabelle and her friend Natasha feel that I care about them. They allow me to come close to them. I feel blessed!”

Ms. José lives in Lubumbashi DRC, she has 3 children and 8 grandchildren. “Isabel really captured my heart. I care about her like a child.”